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    11.50 x 3.50 x 3.50 cm
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This ergonomic multi-component handle with 6mm hexagonal insert serves insertion of various combination bits. It allows for flexible bit length setting between 42 - 114 mm. The click-stop ball stop guarantees secure hold and quick change of bits in the process. Thus this handle together with the combination bits can be used for many purposes and saves space in your toolbox.

Application: Depending on size of screws and type, select the right combination bit. Then press the metal frame of the bit insert on the handle and push selected combination bit into the insert on the handle. As long as you keep the metal frame pressed down, you can vary the bit length as desired. As soon as you release the metal frame, the bit will latch and be fixed in that position.

For changing the length of bit or for changing the bit, push down the metal frame once more and the bit will be released again.